International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) Ring 386 is a local group of magicians who meet on the third Thursday of each month in the “secret room” at Five Star Pizza. The magic club includes both professional and hobbyist performers who all graciously provide their talent and time to help promote the continuing Wonder of Magic.

In the late fall, usually October or November, Ring 386 sponsors Sharing the Magic, a gala stage show to help support the local Colon Food Bank. The stage is generously provided by the school, the talent by performers throughout Michigan, and all proceeds go to the Food Bank.

In early spring, typically in April, Ring 386 organizes the very successful 31 Flavors of Magic festival, coordinating with all of the businesses in Colon and upwards of a score of magicians. The goal of the festival is to promote both magic and Colon, the long acknowledged Magic Capital of the World. Ticket sales from 31 Flavors are divided evenly between the performers and the magic club, which uses their share to finance all of their community events.