31 Flavors of Magic Performer Roster for 2019

Jeff Boyer

Boyer the Magic Guy

Boyer has been performing magic for over 35 years and has won several awards at area magic conventions. He has traveled with The Amazing  Conklins illusion show and works on the tech crew for Abbott’s Get  Together. Boyer is also a middle school math teacher where he enjoys  incorporating his entertainment skills in teaching young minds.

Ron Carnell

Ron Carnell, longtime resident of the Magic Capital of the World, will amuse and amaze you with his unique blend of Comedy and Magic. You’ll laugh ’til it hurts, you’ll cry ’til it feels better, but you’ll likely never again look at the world around you in  quite the same way.

Ron is currently the Resident Magician at River Lake Inn. He also performs regularly at the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan, where he also serves on their Board of Directors.

Michael Conklin

Amazing Mike Conklin

Mike was literally born into the magic field, as he was one fourth of the family known as The Amazing Conklins. The Amazing Conklins toured all over the U.S. and Canada performing their magic for thousands and thousands of people.

After working with his family and learning some magic skills of his own, Mike put together a show which he still performs today. Up until recently, he had performed as Jo-Jo The Magic Clown, but now performs as Amazing Mike. His show has taken him to many different venues from birthday parties, to corporate functions, to performing at the Allegan County Fair in Michigan.

Mike loves to perform and entertain people with his magic and wit. His show is professional, entertaining, clean and perfect for those from 5 to 105 years old!

Visit Amazing Mike’s web site

Brynn Cummings

Brynn Cummings is 8 years old and is a 2nd grader at Paw Paw Early Elementary. After discovering magic and ventriloquism last year, and realizing how few girl magicians there are, she embraced it. Brynn attended Magic Camp, put on by Fab Magic.

She has performed as the special guest at the Alan Kazam Spooktacular Magic Show, a small teaser show at her elementary school, as well as at her birthday party. Brynn is very excited to be a part of this year’s 31 Flavors of Magic!

Pieter Hofstra

Pieter Hofstra lives in Decatur, comes from a family of seven, and is obsessed with magic. He is a classical close-up magician, meaning he performs right in front of you with coins, rings, playing cards and any other items you might have on you. Pieter has been doing magic for fifteen years.

Brayden Hopkins

Brayden Hopkins is 14 years old from Hudson, MI. Magic has been his passion since his first visit to the Magic Convention 10 years ago. Brayden’s magic style is comedy, he is also a creator of magic.

Ron Jaxon

Ron Jaxon, from Kalamazoo Michigan, has won numerous magic competitions in both stage, and close-up magic. His combination of visually stunning magic combined with comedy has earned him the reputation as one of the area’s leading magicians. In his late teens Ron became completely deaf and remained deaf for almost 20 years. In 2009, with the help of a Cochlear Implant, Ron regained his ability to hear again. Even though for the last few years Ron has been able to re-experience the wonderful world of sound, he stays committed to his efforts to present his performances in a manner that is mindful of his beginnings and challenges others to overcome obstacles in their lives through his magic!

BJ Mallen 3b

BJ Mallen

You will have a pain in your side after spending time laughing with BJ Mallen! BJ is not a normal person; you will learn that quickly as he relates tales of growing up in Colon, Michigan, The Magic Capital of the World.

BJ’s unique and hilarious blend of comedy, magic, and sideshow always entertain! He likes to say the best magic he performs is making people’s worries disappear while sharing his special blend of fun with them!

BJ has performed all across Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio, and has even appeared at The Minnesota State Fair, the second largest state fair in the country. He has made numerous appearances on television and radio in Michigan and Indiana, as well as Japan, Great Britain, and India, and has been featured in countless articles in Michigan newspapers.

Phil Mann

Phil The Magic Mann, performs a wide variety of different styles of magic and illusions, using many classic tricks with a 21st century twist. Phil knows how to engage his audience in any setting, from large theater to busy streets. He will surely dazzle guests, creating magical moments to share with friends and family.

Jim Merrills

“Mr. Jim” Merrills has presented to K-12 audiences across the U.S. and many other countries for the past 25 years. He has a seminary background and is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians. He has hosted magic camps in Colon and abroad, and is an author of the same, “Magicians In The Making.”

Steven Michael

Steven Michael began performing magic in 5th grade after he came upon some of his dad’s old magic props. Last year, he attended magic school in Colon with John Sterlini, where he learned the art of manipulation.

Along with manipulation, Steven also enjoys street magic. He has preformed in Holland during their street performer series, as well as at Festival and Art Prize in Grand Rapids.

Steven is currently a sophomore at Rockford High School. You never know on what corner of the city you might find Steven, entertaining the crowd and doing what he loves best.

Patrick Riley

Patrick is an award-winning mentalist and comedian who has been involved in the art of magic for the past ten years. Starting out in Lawton  Elementary School, reading minds of fellow third graders during recess,  Patrick loved the reactions that he received so much that he knew  he wanted to be an entertainer for the rest of his life. Entertaining his audiences both big and small with his off-beat sense of  humor and unique performance style, Patrick makes sure that his  audiences are left with an impression that absolutely anything is possible.

Anthony Stockton

Anthony Stockton’s interest in magic started at a very early age. At just 3 years old, he performed his first magic trick. Over the years Anthony’s fascination with magic and the magic community increased. Increased so much that he travels to conventions, lectures and shows all across the Midwest and East Coast.

Some of Anthony’s achievements include; The Harold Martin Stage Award, The Houdini Club Junior Award of Excellence, 1st place at Abbott’s Magic Convention Competition, 1st place at Society Of American Magician’s Chicago Magic Competition and many others.

Whether it’s close-up magic, strolling magic or stage performances he is sure to amaze you.

Visit Anthony’s web site at http://astocktonmagic.com/

Kerri Stockton

Artist extraordinaire Kerri Stockton will be stationed outside Five Star Pizza, offering her incomparable face paintings ($5 each).


Randy Vander Wal

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s magic and fun time! Introducing a chip off the ol’ block, Randy Vander Wal! Randy has performed his hilarious magic shows for over twenty years. He performs for birthday parties and family get-togethers, as well as for schools, libraries, and churches. Randy also performs for many small corporate award banquets and events. Randy’s comic flair is great for any event throughout the year, be it a Valentine venue to a spring graduation to a Christmas party to a New Year’s Eve bash. Randy served the Michigan membership of the I.B.M. as the Territorial Vice President of Michigan from July 2003 to July 2013.

Larry Wirtz

Larry Wirtz is a classically trained “sleight-of-hand” artist from the historic Chavez Studio of Magic, as well as a Stephen’s Minister, Certified Lay Speaker and a full-time Inspirational Speaker, humorist and entertainer.

Larry has presented programs in over 10,000 schools, along with colleges, churches, corporations and conventions across 32 states and Canada since 1982.